Re-use and recycling are important tools for a society to use to progress "beyond waste".  The “Beyond Waste” program in Washington State is aimed to develop strategic plans for properly handling both hazardous and solid wastes.  The concept of moving “beyond waste” is captured in the shared vision statements: 

    * That we can transition to a society that views wastes as inefficient use of resources, and 

     * Believes that production of most wastes can be eliminated.  

Eliminating wastes will contribute to the environmental, economic and social vitality of Washington State.

Moving beyond waste to re-use and reduction of materials is exactly what organics recycling is all about.  Changing the concept of “organic waste” to “organic resources” is key to developing a sustainable and profitable future.    

Terre-Source is equipped to help commercial operations, small businesses, farmers, landscapers, municipalities, and other governmental agencies implement organics recycling in a sustainable, product-oriented, profitable way.

Terre-Source supports Washington State’s Beyond Waste  project to help integrate efforts to protect the environment, human health and our state's economic development.  


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