Composting is...        

Composting is the use of controlled aerobic microbiological metabolism to degrade organic materials and reduce pathogens by increased heat and increased microbial diversity.  This process provides value to society and the environment in numerous ways.  There are benefits both to the use of the process and use of the product - Compost!



Terre-Source works to promote and assist all of these uses and benefits of composting:


       Composting produces a valuable product from organic waste materials .


      Composting reduces the volume of organic waste materials that would    otherwise be landfilled. 


   Composting is a natural process which can be performed in a low-tech manner by any person in the community.  This accessibility can involve people in their environment and provide an avenue for education about the impact of humans on their environment.  


  In addition the process can be automated using high tech monitoring and equipment to process large quantities of sensitive materials such as biosolids, animal carcasses, and/or food wastes


  Composting diverts waste materials from limited landfill volumes  .




Composting can be used to degrade certain organic contaminants (f.ex. N-based explosives) in various media such as soils  .






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