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North Mason Fiber Company has been in the wood recycling business in Belfair, WA since 1989.  In October 2003, owner Bob Dressel, with the help of Terre-Source, obtained one of the first solid waste handling permits for composting under the newly promulgated WAC 173-350-220 regulations.  North Mason Fiber Company performs Aerated Static Pile composting on 62 acres of industrial zoned property along with other businesses such as log and wood recycling, and tree farming.  Mr. Dressel continuously upgrades his business and products, installing a tipping structure with biofilter, and adding fin fish to his special blend,                  Oly Mountain Fish Compost. 


North Mason Fiber Company’s compost  operation produces two WSDA-listed Organic compost products:

Oly Mountain Fish Compost,


Oly Mountain Organic Compost. 

NMF’s Fish Compost contains soil nutrients and micronutrients as well as enzymes that boost healthy plants.  Oly Mountain Fish Compost is available in bags from Scott McLendon’s  Hardware in Port Orchard and Belfair.  Oly Mountain Organic Compost is produced from municipal yard trimmings and natural wood products from the co-located log processing company.  Both are good sources of slow release nutrients and organic matter for improving garden and landscape soils.  North Mason Fiber Company is permitted to compost up to 80,000 tons per year of yard waste, food waste, fish, and wood wastes.  Please visit their website at: www.northmasonfiber.com



Bailey Compost is part of Bailand Farms, Inc, a 4th generation family farm in the Snohomish River valley. 

Don and Barb Bailey operate their Aerated Static Pile composting operation on part of their 450-acre family farmland.  They have been commercially composting and certified by the Snohomish Health District since 1996.  Recently, Bailey Compost was listed as an Organic Soil Amendment by the WSDA on their Brand Name Materials list for Organic Food Production.



Don and Barb make their compost from aged dairy manure mixed with shredded yard waste which is then aerated, composted, screened and fully aged.  The finished compost contains a full spectrum of essential plant nutrients as well as macro and micronutrients often absent in synthetic fertilizers.  These natural nutrients are released slowly. 



Bailey Compost greatly increases soil fertility resulting in noticeable plant growth and robust health.  Compost also feeds the diverse life in the soil. These beneficial bacteria, fungi, insects, and worms also support healthy plant growth. Bailey Compost is an excellent soil amendment, adding organic matter and nutrients to the soil.  It is a favorite with many local garden clubs and top quality landscapers.  Please visit their website at: www.baileycompost.com



Skagit Soils Inc. has been composting since 1991 and since 1996 at their current industrial site north of Mount Vernon, WA. 

Skagit Soils diverts over 13,000 tons of organic materials from the landfill each year.  These materials are transformed into a compost product that is in high local demand.  Skagit Soils Inc. also conducts affiliated, but separate operations at this site, such as:  accepting wood waste for recycling into the hog fuel market; creating topsoil mixes utilizing native topsoil; and blending sand and compost to create their ‘General Soil Mix’. 


Skagit Soils Inc. utilizes a turned windrow composting process on nearly 6 acres in an industrial area within ¼ mile of the Skagit County transfer station, and adjacent to 2 sawmills, and a potato processor.  Skagit Soils Inc. accepts municipal yard waste, wood wastes, and in 2008 upgraded their permits to accept Type 3 feedstock post-consumer food waste.  They are now permitted to accept food waste from restaurants, businesses, and schools.  Visit Skagit Soils’ website at: www.skagitsoilsinc.com






Riverside Topsoil, Inc. is a permitted composting facility on the Lowell-River Road in Snohomish, WA that has been in the composting business since 1998.  RTI composts municipal yard wastes and manures in their Aerated Static Pile system.  Riverside Topsoil’s dedicated team works to produce a high quality organic material as well as providing trucking services to get their products to their clients.




Riverside Topsoil mixes and prepares other garden materials to produce 10 different landscaping products including fill dirt, 3 grades of bark and hog fuel, Black Garden Mulch (their premium compost), 3-types of topsoil, and a Specialty Nursery Mix. 

Riverside Topsoil delivers landscaping materials as far as Seattle and is dedicated to providing a wide range of soil materials for the garden, landscaping, nursery, and erosion control industries.



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