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Terre-Source specializes in the design and permitting of small, mid-range and large scale composting and recycling facilities.  We provide process consultation, sampling, and troubleshooting for a wide variety of techniques of composting, organics recycling, remediation and utilization challenges.  Our expertise in technical as well as regulatory matters helps composters and other industrial facilities with compliance problems and with improving relationships with all levels of oversight.

Terre-Source is also dedicated to 'Full Circle' utilization of organics.  As such, we believe environmental education is an important part of our future.  Terre-Source work closely with schools, at all levels, to help them successfully collect and compost their food wastes, create a usable compost product to improve soils, and encourage 'hands-on' production of fresh and nutritious food for the school. 



As General Manager, Tamara Thomas, P.E. provides her energies, skills and expertise to businesses interested in starting up organic recycling facilities, improving their soil amendment production efficiency and quality, as well as to entities involved in using and blending compost products.  Terre-Source is dedicated to helping you produce the highest quality organic amendment from your feedstocks in the most efficient manner possible.

Tamara's academic background includes an MS in Soil Chemistry from Washington State University , an MSE in Geotechnical Engineering with emphasis on Environmental Engineering from the University of Washington and a BA in Political Science from Washington State University.  

Ms. Thomas is a licensed environmental engineer in the state of Washington.  She has over 20 years experience in consulting engineering on a wide range of projects from hazardous waste remediation, environmental regulatory compliance, and construction QA, to geotechnical engineering investigation. She has managed

Terre-Source specializing in organics recycling and composting since 2002.

Tamara is past president of the Board of the Washington Organics Recycling Council (WORC), of which Terre-Source is a member, and has also served as secretary and chaired several committees.  She currently serves as the Commission District 2 representative on the Skagit County Solid Waste Advisory Council (SWAC), on Washington State University's Soil Science Advisory Council, and on Mount Vernon School District's Environmental Education Exploration Committee (EEEC).


   Mission :  


Terre-Source works to promote the environmentally beneficial creation and use of recycled organics, [including compost, mulches, anaerobic digestion residuals, and others]. 

Terre-Source is dedicated to 

Helping Compost Happen!


   Speaking Engagement Calendar :        
Date Event Topic Info
March 6, 2009 SWANA Technical Group Meeting "Managing Organics: The Nexus of Waste Management, Energy Demands, and Climate Change" "Prospects for Commerical Composting: Public / Private Synergies" http://www.swananw.org/techsessions.html
March 16, 2009 Earth Tub Summit "Full Circle Composting in Schools" Andrews, Michelle (ECY) [mian461@ECY.WA.GOV]
April 28, 2009 Biocycle International Conference 2009 "Developing a Strategic Operations Plan" http://www.biocycle50.com/home.html


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Tamara N. Thomas, P.E. 

(425) 844-6068   






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